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Allback Linseed Oil Paint

Linseed Oil Paint Origins & History

Allback Linseed Oil Company Info

The Hans & Sonja Allbäck Journey

In 1982, we started renovating windows and treated them both indoors and out with well-known and recommended paints from Sweden’s major paint manufacturers. We were extremely dissatisfied with the results. Within a few years the windows needed painting again. What’s more, the paints contained solvents such as turpentine and other additives that adversely affected our health.

This was the start of our quest to find out more about traditional painting methods: what they did and why, what materials were available, in what grades? We wondered why windows and doors from 1700 and up to the year 1950 have lasted longer than those from the latter half of the 20th century.

Our goal has been to investigate forgotten knowledge about linseed oil paints, expertise developed over the course of many hundred years and up to modern times, when they were replaced by plastic-based and alkyd paints.

In running our own business concerned with the care and maintenance of buildings, we have determinedly worked towards the development of materials that fulfil all our requirements in respect of technical properties, drying time, eco-friendliness, storage properties, ease of maintenance, attractiveness and economy.

Traditional European skills and ancient wisdom in combination with modern production techniques have enabled the development of a totally new generation of linseed oil products that do not require solvents at any stage of their use.

 Download the Allbäck Concise Handbook about Linseed Oil Paint here

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Small Spaces Paint Brush 530

Small Spaces Brush 530 Chinese 90 tops pig´s bristle, straight tip, alderwood handle in the white.

Application: Used in small or limited spaces not otherwise easily reached

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Window Painting Brush 716

Window Paintint Brush 716 Shamfered rounded top. Cast in one piece, no water pockets, rustproof tinplate.

Application: The perfect brush for window painting

Tinplate thickness: 16 mm

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